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Human Resource Development and Research Institute (HuRDRI) is established in 2052 BS with an objective of fulfilling the need of front line health workers who work at the peripheral health facilities across the country and contributing the need of evidence for planning through research initiatives.


Since its establishment, HURDRI has its name for the quality of technical education especially the training of Midwives (Auxiliary Nurse Midwives), the Community Medical Assistants (CMA) and the Lab Assistants. The products of HuRDRI are working from the remotest village of the Far West to the urban centered laboratories. They have contributed to the persistent crisis of doctors, nurses and the laboratory technicians with this skill mix of service providers.


HURDRI believes quality technical education not only contributes to the health and well being of the people but also contributes to the economic growth of the individual, family and the community. It has provided a learning opportunity for the students from remotest part of the country, with an affordable cost. Statistics shows more than 80% of the students are from the low HDI districts where there is need of these levels of Human Resource for Health.


The products of HuRDRI are competent and are fully utilized in a scenario of current competitive market. In the future HuRDRI hopes to expand its capacity for more different skill oriented trainings, research initiatives and social campaigns.